1. & 4. NPO Chateauroux

Again strong results in 2012!

Please find below our top results within National NPO races over the past years.


1.NPO Chataeuroux(572KM)(1682MPM)8202 p2012
1.NPO Argenton (601KM)(1170MPM)8338 P2010
2.NPO Blois(508KM)(1236MPM) 5620 p2010
2.NPO Bourges(518KM)(1626MPM)6929 p2007
4.NPO Chateauroux(572KM)(1673MPM) 8202 p 2012
6.NPO Montlucon (508KM)(1319MPM) 4779 p 2007
8.NPO La Souterainne(638KM)(1123MPM)8997 p 2006
10.NPO Montlucon (598KM)(1530MPM)6028 p2008
12.NPO Chateauroux(572KM)(1544MPM) 8979 p 2011
13.NPO Poitiers (641KM)(1199MPM)3376 p2011
14.NPO Montluucon(598KM)(1295MPM)5074 p 2006
20.NPO Blois(508KM) (1618MPM) 7384 p2007
24.NPO Argenton(601KM) (1102MPM)12144p2006
27.NPO Sezanne(322KM) (1455MPM)12518p 2011
31.NPO La Souterainne(638KM)(1108MPM)5603 p2010
31.NPO Montlucon(598KM)(1510MPM) 6028 p2008
33.NPO Poitiers(641KM) (1175MPM)3376 p2011
33.NPO Blois(508KM) (1211MPM)5620 p2010
36.NPO Orleans(454KM)(1383MPM)14551p2005
38.NPO Orleans(454KM) (1595MPM)10473p2011
39.NPO Etampes(395KM)(1476MPM)17487p2005
40.NPO Sezanne(322KM)(1366MPM)14232p2010
43.NPO Blois(508KM)(1608MPM) 7384 p2007
50.NPO Blois (508KM) (1603MPM)7384 p 2007
50.NPO Argenton (601KM)(1127MPM)8338 p2010
52.NPO La Souterainne(638KM)(1172MPM)5576 p 2011
61.NPO Montlucon (598KM)(1500MPM)6028 p 2008
63.NPO Argenton (601KM)(1091MPM) 12144p 2006
69.NPO Orleans (454KM)(1341MPM)11390p 2006
70.NPO Orleans (454KM)(1374MPM)14551p2005
71.NPO Poitiers(641KM)(1147MPM)3376 p 2011
72.NPO Baden-Baden (378KM)(1263MPM)6520 p 2007
80.NPO Sezanne(322KM)(1437MPM)12518p 2011
80.NPO Orleans(454KM)(1398MPM)8135 p 2010
86.NPO Sens(386KM)(1556MPM) 14457p2011
87.NPO Argenton(601KM)(1120MPM)8338 p2010
90.NPO Orleans(454KM)(1578MPM)10473p2011
90.NPO Blois(508KM)(1197MPM)5620 p2010
92.NPO Orleans(454KM)(1397MPM)8135 p2010
95.NPO Bourges(518KM)(1573MPM)6929 p 2007
98.NPO Montlucon(598KM)(1266MPM)4799 p 2007
100NPO Montlucon (598KM)(1488MPM) 6028 p 2008